The 37th Annual 

Illinois All Academy Ball 


The committee will send communication late July 2020.

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We Celebrated

36 years in 2019

   Here's a recap.  

Keynote Speaker 

Year 2019

Brigadier General Bernard (Bernie) Banks Retired 

Bernard (Bernie) Banks is a noted expert on the subjects of leadership and organizational change. Currently, he is the Associate Dean for Leadership Development and a Clinical Professor of Management at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. As an Associate Dean, Bernie possesses responsibility for leader development integration across the school's global portfolio of programs.

Bernie retired from the Army as a Brigadier General in 2016 after having successfully led West Point's Department of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership from 2012-2016. In addition to having studied leadership extensively, he has led multiple military units ranging in size from 10 to 500 people. In 1995, Bernie was selected from over 40,000 officers to receive the Army's top award for entry-level managers (General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award). In 2006, the Apache Helicopter unit he was leading in South Korea was designated as the top Apache Helicopter unit globally in the U.S. Army's annual best aviation unit competition.

A West Point graduate, Bernie is broadly educated. He holds graduate degrees from Northwestern, Columbia, and Harvard Universities. Additionally, he earned his Ph.D. in social-organizational psychology from Columbia University. Bernie's work has been published in a variety of outlets (e.g., Harvard Business Review, Military Psychology, New York Times). Furthermore, he has worked extensively with organizations across all sectors concerning their leader development efforts (e.g., Procter and Gamble, Mercedes Benz, General Electric, IBM, 7-Eleven, The US Forest Service, International Chiefs of Police).

We Celebrated 

and honored- 



Tammy McMiller, President and Chair

United States Military Academy 

Valerie Brachmann, Vice President 

United States Coast Guard Academy 


Eric A. McMiller I, Treasurer 

United States Military Academy


Tammy Nigam, Secretary

United States Military Academy


Heidi Kintz, Past Chair 2018

United States Air Force Academy 

United States Military Academy 

Trisha Bottarini

Luke McMiller 

Bill Ratzer

United States Air Force Academy 

Emily Collias 

Monica Hirjoi


United States Coast Guard Academy 

Jim Brachmann 

Stephanie Glashagel

United States Merchant Marine Academy 

Joseph Stelnicki

Sally Stelnicki

Michele Welsh 


United States Naval Academy

Barbara Feudo

Michelle Hinca 

Tami Wagener


What is the Illinois All Academy Ball?

The IAAB (Illinois All Academy Ball) is an annual event held in the Chicago area honoring and connecting cadets, midshipmen, alumni and parents of the five federal services academies: the U.S Military Academy (West Point), the U.S. Naval Academy (Annapolis), the U.S. Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs), the U.S. Coast Guard Academy (New London) & the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (Kings Point).

For more than 30 years, the parent clubs of the five U.S. service academies have worked together to create an appreciation event for the young men and women who attend our nation's service academies. This formal event, the IAAB, has been a way for us to celebrate and encourage these future leaders and thank them for their willingness to serve our great nation. It is an opportunity for the cadets and midshipmen to enjoy camaraderie, good food, a memorable speaker, and dancing.  


What is the Service Academy Parents Club?

The Joint Services Academies of Illinois Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, made possible by the hard work of volunteers from parent associations of the five service academies. Our parent volunteers work together with sponsors and donors to underwrite and organize this annual event. All monies raised are to support bringing together military cadets/midshipmen and families and help to defray the cost of this celebration of service by our young men and women.

What is the purpose of the Illinois All Academy Ball?

To support Illinois region service academy parent clubs planning and coordination to host this memorable annual event. Each year, one of the academies serve as the chair, and the academy that will take on the reign the following year serves as the vice president. Our mission is to honor the young men and women that have committed themselves to our country. We also solicit and encourage Illinois politicians and businesses to support this marquee event by attending or through sponsorship.


What happens at the event?

Illinois cadets and midshipmen along with their date, family,  and friends enjoy live music, social hour, notable keynote speaker, color guard, missing man table ceremony, formal class toasts from each academies 4th year cadet or midshipmen, and family portraits to capture the occasion. In addition we have a variety of fun fundraising activities like a "wine pull", auctions, and raffles for Lavish prize baskets. To end the evening, stick around for the "after party" with a live DJ.

When/where is the event?

Location is TBD due to COVID-19. 

Are hotel accommodations available?

Yes. More information TBD due to COVID-19. 

Who can attend?

All cadets, midshipmen, their dates, family members and friends. In addition, elected officials, community leaders, business leaders, and first responders.

How much does it cost to attend the event?

The event's cost and date is TBD due to COVID-19.  

What if my cadet/midshipman doesn’t have a date or really doesn’t want to go?

The event is enjoyed by all cadets and midshipmen--those with or without dates! And if your cadet or midshipman doesn’t want to go, there are many parents who attend without them, and enjoy the evening out with other service academy parents.


What is the dress code?

The event is formal. Therefore, cadets and midshipmen are required to wear their dress uniforms. Their guests are required to wear formal civilian clothing check here for details. 


Can I volunteer to help? 

Yes! We need cadets, midshipmen, and parents to volunteer. If you are volunteering or considering volunteering, thank you! This is an event that requires help from all academy cadet and midshipmen family members (ages 14 and older). Below, you will find an overview of volunteer opportunities. For all cadet and midshipmen volunteer opportunities, dress uniform with gloves are required. 

  • Color Guard- lead the induction of the ceremony.

  • Missing Man Table- conduct required activities to honor fallen and missing soldiers.

  • Firstie Toast- conduct a toast to your outgoing class.

  • Fundraising Activities (must be over 18 years of age)- manage activities and sell raffle tickets during the event.  

  • Wine Pull (must be over 21 years of age)- manage wine pull activities and collect monies.

  • National Anthem Performance- sing the National Anthem at the event.

  • Event Set-up- Help coordinate and implement table settings, signage, etc. 




If you are considering sponsoring the year 2020 event, thank you! This annual event supports young men and women that are dedicated to our country. We appreciate your display of gratitude for their commitment to our country and their sacrifice. Please contact us at to discuss sponsorship.